Sapphire: The Gemstone For Engagement Rings


When a famous royalty couple got engaged several years ago, the engagement ring became a talk of the town and most women worldwide wants to find out what kind of engagement ring the couple had. People thought that it would be an emerald diamond engagement rings, surprisingly its not, it was a sapphire gemstone much like the engagement ring used by another famous royalty couple had way back in the 1980s.

Having a Sapphire engagement rings is not something new to us, and it is not just a craze or a trend that will disappear when people lose interest in it. Credit goes to the royalty couple that was engaged using this precious gemstone as they are the ones responsible in the increased of popularity of sapphire engagement rings to most lovers worldwide.

Historical Background of Sapphire Rings

Before the standards for engagement rings were set to diamonds, a lot of lovers already used various kinds of precious stones like sapphire to symbolize their devotion and love to each other. As a matter of fact, the setting of standards for diamonds engagement rings only happened in the mid 20th century. This has been caused by the discovery of the large deposit of diamonds in two countries during the middle of the 20th century where the discoverers created an effective marketing campaign. The phrase diamonds are forever and the setting of diamonds as the standard norm for wedding rings and engagement rings.

Sapphire is one of the most ideal engagement rings as they are gem stones that symbolizes commitment, honesty, romance and love. Aside from that, our ancestors believed that the gem stone sapphire provides a form of protection for the ones wearing it, against envy and harm. In addition, they believed that the gemstone is capable of attracting heavenly blessings for the ones wearing it.If you want to learn more about engagement rings, you can visit

Sapphire Wedding Rings And Fidelity Tests

Even in ancient times, sapphire has been seen as a symbol of fidelity as well as purity. Crusaders of the past civilizations even used a sapphire ring to give to their wives as a way to know if they have been faithful to their husbands or not. Many believed that the fading of the color of the sapphire ring means that the woman wearing it has become impure and unfaithful. Today however, this is a pointless belief. Nevertheless, sapphire rings of today is a symbol of love, faithfulness and purity.


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