How Special are Emerald Engagement Rings?


Gradually, people are moving away from the traditional sapphire and diamond engagement rings as they went on exploring new trends in jewelry when it comes to personal occasions, such as engagements. One of them is the choice of emerald engagement rings over other available precious stones. Emerald has a deep green color that holds a mysterious aura, which is not commonly seen in any other gemstones and this makes it a beautiful and unique choice for engagements.

Another reason to choose emerald engagement rings is that you have a stone that is distinctly different yet special. It has the historical grandeur and admiration that has been enjoyed since the ancient times. The jewelry used by kings and queens as well as the decorations in their thrones were encrusted intricately with valuable emeralds. It is also a chosen precious gift among kings, which make the ring a perfect choice for memorable moments like engagements.

Leading jewelers around the world offers a wide range of fine emerald engagement rings. Depending on the beauty and style that you want, you can choose between the elegant solitaire emerald ring and the spectacular emerald designer ring. The popular emerald diamond engagement rings have the unique and perfect blend of the intense central green and the small sparkling diamonds. Other beautiful choices include the round emerald with baguette cut diamonds, oval emerald with pave set diamonds, Princess Diana ring replica, emerald with pear shaped diamonds, round with three baguette cut diamonds bar set, cushion cut emerald with round and princess cut diamonds, round emerald with prong set diamonds, and an emerald of your choice of shape or cut at the center surrounded by a delicate cluster of small dazzling diamonds.

Your preferred emerald engagement ring can even become more special with your choice of metal, such as the use of white gold or platinum. If you want a splendid piece of jewel, the ring can be encased in yellow gold. Regardless of your choice of metal, emerald shape/cut or the ring design, emerald engagement rings will surely stand out with elegance among other precious stone rings because of its uncommonness and pristine beauty.To get more ideas about engagement rings, visit

A man who has very strong likes and dislikes in men’s jewelry often choose the emerald stone because the emerald ring reflects a solid appearance. Also, its deep green color is not considered as a color that is exclusive to women. These reasons make emerald engagement ring as a perfect choice also for men. Emerald could also be an ideal choice for some couples who prefer to wear complementary rings during this moment. With exquisite range to choose from, emerald engagement rings are a perfect choice that you should explore. You can also check ruby diamond engagement ring here!


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